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now i just feel like you guys are adding more and more sexualities and genders for no reason.

pansexual? demisexual? greysexual? guys , fucking seriously? you’re “fighting for” equality on these “sexualities” when they are NOT that much different from heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, or transgender. why are you making it so fucking complicated? it’s starting to look like you WANT something to complain about when it’s never even been that complicated. it’s fucking simple. JUST LOVE WHO THE FUCK YOU WANT TO LOVE! it doesn’t matter HOW , WHEN , OR WHY. just fucking be with whoever makes you happy. and if someone gives you shit about it, THEN stand up for yourself. complicating all these types of relationships and loves when it’s simple


for season 03 i’m really hoping that the warden reconsiders and makes Fig confess to embezzlement and fraud and she has to wind up in the HORRIBLE PRISON—THAT IS ONLY HORRIBLE BECAUSE OF HER CRIMES—that she built and is “responsible” for. bet she’ll be the main one fighting for change then. and see just how HUMAN these women are. she talks so much shit about them being criminals. bitch the only difference between you and them is that when they committed their crimes, they got caught. can you imagine how many inmates are gunna’ fuck with her or try to slock her? oh my god, how perfect would that be? 

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